How Does the Dear Scribbler Column Work?

The Dear Scribbler column helps answer questions submitted by others.

Every week, the most helpful, useful, or popular questions are answered.

Question submissions are free.

  1. People are welcome to submit their questions using the form found on the website.

  2. The questions route to The Stealthy Scribbler Society headquarters.

  3. The questions are read, sorted, and chosen. Questions that aren’t answered one week, may be answered in future editions.

  4. Answers to the questions are published in future editions of The Stealthy Scribbler. The answers are free.

Topics are wide and vary. Answers are meant to be thoughtful, thorough, and conversational given the information provided in the question.

In other words, I answer these questions as if you and I were sitting in a room or on the phone discussing the matter.

Why Launch a Q & A Column?

Over the years, family, friends, perfect strangers, and people who need help, tell me their struggles, their thoughts, and discuss life issues with me.

Each time, I found it easy and almost natural, to understand their perspective, thinking, belief systems, and spot holes in their plans or speak to larger, possibly deeper issues the person faces.

People often ask me for “the other side of the story” or what else they should consider in their plans or problems.

These conversations happen naturally. People who know me often rope me into the conversation to get my perspective.

Many times people walk away with a missing piece of information, unlocking a small mental bridge to help them connect the dots or gets them unstuck.

In truly difficult situations, sometimes they didn’t get the answers they needed from me directly, but found by just having someone listen, they were able to try again tomorrow. Because they were able to get through that part of the rough patch, ideas they thought were “new” came sooner rather than later after the fact.

We already know the truth about what we want and what we need. Most of the time, we have all the pieces to our puzzles, we just can’t see how they fit clearly without a little outside intervention.

Launching a Q&A Column provides the ability for several people to ask questions and benefit a wider audience.

Many of our Stealthy Scribblers are quiet, shy, and some might not be ready or need full fledge one-on-one monthly support. Dear Scribbler fills this gap for free.

My Personal and Professional Background

I’m not a lawyer or a therapist, possessing neither the credentials or the desire share medical, legal, or financial advice.

In fact, none of the answers I provide should ever be considered medical, legal, or financial advice. Ever. 

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with me sharing with you what I know, what I’ve learned, what I’ve found in my own research, things you might try, doors to knock on, and more, combined with healthy doses of encouragement.

Life happens to all of us.

I’m always learning, growing, and searching for the truth, just as you should be as well.

At the end of the day, people find they can talk to me, and I don’t mind telling people what I think, especially when I think it could help, or they are genuinely interested.

Not All Questions Answered

Not all submitted questions are answered. Questions that are sexual, violent, accusatory, manipulative, or otherwise device to incite defensiveness (classic troll behavior) are ignored.

The Stealthy Scribbler Society reserves the right to refuse to answer any question at any time for any reason.


Submitting your questions through the website transmits them through email.

You should never transmit highly personal or identifying information like your full name, address, date of birth, social security number, bank account information, and more. 

Various agencies may monitor email channels or email or internet service providers may hand over records to authorities for legal reasons. The Stealthy Scribbler Society has no formal knowledge of when or if these actions take place, and if they do, may have nothing to do with The Stealthy Scribbler Society. The Stealthy Scribbler Society has no control over actions taken by third-parties whether those third-parties are acting in good faith or not.

Not sharing highly-identifying information can reduce your risk of information and data loss should data breaches or other cyber attacks take place.

Because you realize that questions submitted through the website are intended to be shared and answered publicly, you understand that your submitted questions are not confidential.

The Stealthy Scribbler Society and the Dear Scribbler column are not emergency services and cannot dispatch medical, legal, or law enforcement. 

If someone’s life, including your own, is in danger, call 9-1-1 or the emergency number in your jurisdiction.

While answering questions, names may be changed to protect privacy and highly-identifying information or especially sensitive portions of your submissions may be removed or changed to ensure the content is suitable for publication.

Those submitting the questions are not compensated in any way shape or form.


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