The Stealthy Scribbler Society Manifesto

The Stealthy Scribbler Society believes in and encourages all past, present, and future members to embrace and promote the following tenets in accordance with their beliefs:

✍️ Stealthy Scribblers understand that writing by hand carries unique and powerful capabilities for shaping individual and collective futures.

〰️ Scribbling, apart from forming letters, is an act of writing by hand that is just as powerful as forming letters, words, and sentences.

💡Handwritten materials remain a constant beacon linking all humanity’s past, present, and future, wherever humans may have been or will be found in the universe.

🔗 Scribbling, in all its forms, connects us to the past, records the present, and shapes the future.

All handwritten works, and other creations arising from these acts, do not need to be published to be valid.

🖥️ Stealthy Scribblers primarily practice writing or scribbling by hand regularly. When they cannot write or scribble by hand, regardless of cause or duration, they continue their work with available methods. Each type of writing and scribbling is valid, welcomed, and needed as part of a varied and vibrant society.

🧭 When Stealthy Scribblers feel lost, they write by hand, in all its forms, with any available method, until they find their way.

🤗 Even if a Stealthy Scribbler cannot join The Stealthy Scribbler Society, or must stop engaging with other members, that Stealthy Scribbler is still a member in spirit. These Stealthy Scribblers are encouraged to continue honing their skills, capturing and expressing their thoughts, and inspiring others to do the same.

💪 Stealthy Scribblers use writing tools to reflect, unwind, heal, rebel, problem-solve, plan, and enact.

💝 Writing by hand creates and affirms your space, creation, life’s work, calling, and purpose.

🙂 Stealthy Scribblers encourage others in scribbling, whether it’s random marking, letters, sentences, drawings, or other forms.

🖌️ All writing utensils and materials written on are valid.

🪫 Stealthy Scribblers understand beliefs and statements like “I’m not good at handwriting,” “My handwriting sucks,” or “Excuse my handwriting,” no longer retain power.

⏩ Writing by hand is a unified way forward in a divided and diverse world.

⚓ Writing by hand creates an immediate anchor point into the present.

🤌 Stealthy Scribblers uphold and encourage good while forbidding and denouncing evil.

🆘 Stealthy Scribblers perform good deeds often and often do not publicize them.

⬆️ Stealthy Scribblers remain honest and upright in all their dealings.

🏠 The true home of each Stealthy Scribbler is where their greatest joys and peace intersect.

📚The ability to read and write is a human right, equivalent in their need and purpose to the need to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

📓Writing by hand is a unique power to the human race that should be taught, developed, and protected throughout a person’s life, regardless of school system choice or government ruling.
⚖️ Writing by hand should be universally protected by law.

📜 Stealthy Scribblers follow the laws of the land in their country, capturing and expressing their thoughts in whatever manner allowed. When those same laws forbid free speech, free thought, freedom of worship, or the ability to learn to read or write in a person’s own language, Stealthy Scribblers everywhere stand with the oppressed in supporting the capturing and expressing of thoughts in secret, in accordance with each person’s conscience.

❤️‍ Writing by hand is a powerful act of upholding truth, encouraging good, and promoting well-being while simultaneously being inexpensive, authentically human, and, when needed, a lawful act of rebellion.

🤯 Laws enacted to make scribbling and other acts of writing by hand illegal are abhorrent.

🔌 Writing by hand does not require electricity or a signal to be valid or effective. Therefore it remains a steady constant through all of life’s phases, challenges, accomplishments, societal changes, international conflicts, and technological advancement.

🤖 While robots can write by hand, and artificial intelligence may learn to compose with emotion, only human beings create genuine, authentic, irreplicable connections through handwriting.

🤪 When the world, technology, society, laws, culture, relationships, or circumstances zig, Stealthy Scribblers use available writing utensils to zag.

🎓Life is a constant learning process, and Stealthy Scribblers always reserve time to learn something new or improve their current skills, regardless of the type.

🎁 Stealthy Scribblers learn from each other by periodically sharing their scribbles, scars, stealth tactics, and sometimes, their stamps.

🙏 Stealthy Scribblers write by hand to learn, understand what they think, communicate what needs to be said, and restore hope to neighbors, loved ones, and strangers.

💌 Regularly sending handwritten letters to others collectively creates a living heartbeat standing against the evils attempting to wreak havoc.

📌 When in doubt, always scribble.

At the Stealthy Scribbler Society, you’re never truly alone, your thoughts are never truly dismissed, and your intention to express, communicate, act and your works of writing by hand or other scribbling, join humanity’s collective growth, change, and legacy.

Your writing untensil and the power of your thoughts are literally two of the most transformative tools or weapons you can ever weild. You, alone, get to choose how and when to exercise and wield this power.

Any amount of writing by hand or scribbling is effective. Each stroke of the writing untensil adds to the collective and contributes to change in your world and those around you. Every time, even if you can’t visibly see it.

What will you scribble today?

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