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Coming into alignment to find the answers you seek is easier than you realize. Unlock the bridges of brilliance you already possess.

How long have you been trying to find the answer to your problems?

You think, walk, talk, write, try new hobbies, watch videos, and consult with trusted loved ones — anything to help you get closer to the missing puzzle pieces.

Sometimes you think you have found the answer, but more often than not, you eventually deal with the same cycles of rinse-repeat.

It leaves you feeling defeated. Stuck. Sometimes even hopeless.

Deep down inside, you know the answer to your problem exists.

You might even know the answer but can't determine how to get it.

The secret hides in plain sight.

You already know what to do and what next step you need to take to make the door of opportunities reveal themselves.

Today's society doesn't want you to know, understand, or believe this.

Society designs the structures and confines we live in to keep us feeling stuck, defeated, and getting by just enough to keep us going another day.

The carrot is always just out of reach, making people angry.

Instinctively, you know the answer.

We often can't get quiet enough to hear it or gain the needed perspective fast enough.

Many time we try to do something in our environment and circumstances to make the answer reveal itself to solve the problems.

When you know the secrets of finding that insight faster, things start unlocking.

After I learned to listen the right way, and apply the insights and ideas I find to my own life, new opportunities unlock for myself regularly.

It wasn’t until recently that I started applying the insights and ideas I have for others to my own life and situations. It was only then I started seeing results.

Helping others with these things has always been as easy as breathing. I can know where a person is at, where they're coming from, what mindsets and beliefs are shaping their worldview and can see the source of the person's problem (and usually the answer!) when they talk to me for a bit and honestly answer my questions.

It's weird.

I never understood it was a gift, and to this day, I do not know the official name of it.

For a while, I served as a non-denominational chaplain. While I no longer do that, how I help hasn't changed.

People talk to me.

And when they do, I sense and discern things.

While I don't know the exact solution 100% of the time, I know what a person needs to get to the next step in their journey based on what they tell me.

It’s not always fun.

It’s not always easy.

Your journey is your journey, and how it unfolds happens partly because of the active roles you choose to play and the actions you choose to take.

You already know what to do.

You only need a little help clearing a little clutter, getting quieter, maybe bouncing some things off someone else, and listening for the signals your body already recognizes.

To help you with this, I offer my services as a Personal Support Individual.

I am NOT a:

  • Therapist

  • Lawyer

  • Doctor

  • Financial Expert

  • Theologian

  • Islamic Scholar

I cannot give you legal, medical, financial, or any other advice requiring authentic credentials and a license.

But I can tell you what I think, what I see, what I understand, and what I know.

Most of the time, you'll get precisely what you need from me, even if it's just a gentle change in the direction you're facing or changing the object you're focusing on in the distance.

The answers you seek are probably staring you in the face, and you need to talk about it back and forth for a bit to find it.

You don't have to talk to me, of course.

You can always speak to a licensed therapist if you want to. That option is always available through other resources.

I even know of some web-based ones that may charge slightly less. While on the surface, that looks compelling, I know you get limited time with those folks, sometimes limited answers, and limited investment.

If you've ever spent hours on an email to one of these places only to get three paragraphs back discussing things you didn't put forth with semi-canned acknowledgment language, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's not fun waiting another two weeks to hear from them again, only to wonder if they will ever acknowledge what you wrote about.

I invite you to a good casual conversation with a knowledgeable and experienced individual.

I've experienced several things in my life:

  • Single parenthood

  • Divorce (Family court, child support, both receiving and paying)

  • Learning about the legal system

  • Career changes

  • Job hunt struggles

  • Deep experience with the Christian faith (30 years, roughly, in several denominations)

  • Experience as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Two years with a temple recommend)

  • Investigator and embracer of Islam (I have studied for about 18 months but still only feel like I'm a beginner in that world.)

  • Empty-nesting

  • Van life, nomadic traveling

  • Relationship issues

  • Serving 28+ inmate pen pals across the United States for seven years (Have you ever written a convicted axe murderer?)

  • Had 16+ pen pals when I was a teenager all across the globe

  • Domestic violence survivor

  • Dog, cat, reptile ownership (Have you ever had to call into work because the iguana wasn't laying her eggs properly?)

  • Being in debt and getting out of debt

  • Homeownership and renting

  • Long-distance parenting

  • Difficult bosses

  • Wording things properly in legal forms

  • Several types of jobs in the financial, automotive, travel, publications, blockchain, and SaaS industries

  • Been self-employed

  • Nursed babies

  • Battled false allegations, sometimes in court

  • Dealt with bullies

  • Journaled for nearly 40 years

  • Furthered my education with three different degrees

  • Kept up with most conspiracy theories

  • Prepped (in the past, not currently) for multiple end-of-the-world scenarios

  • Gorged myself on a variety of fiction genres

  • Learned certain homemaking skills, how to write romance novels, cyber skills, and others

  • Relearned and enforced healthy boundaries

  • On-and-off struggles with weight loss

  • Worked day labor in steel-toed boots

  • Previous dog owner

  • Survived murder attempts by the cats (joking - I could never prove their actual attempts. 🧐)

  • Have helped grieving people

And a lot more, and not necessarily all in the order listed.

I guarantee your problems are not necessarily unique, and, for the most part, there's nothing I've not heard.

Everything we’ve experienced to today brings us to where we are and shapes who we’ve become. Navigating each situation and graduating from each with life lessons, growth, and strategy is priceless.

You don't have to remain stuck, frustrated, or swallow the lie that you are forever defeated.

Most everything is temporary.

It's how we react to it, how we frame it, and the things we can do right now, starting today, how to fix it.

Scribbler Support

When you enroll in Scribbler Support, you get the following:

  • 👉 UNLIMITED email interactions with me each month on almost any topic you'd like to discuss

  • 👉 The ability to CHANGE TOPICS whenever you need during the month

  • 👉 My PERSONAL WRITTEN RESPONSES via email to you most days out of each month (I am the only one responding to these emails!)

  • 👉 HELP tracking down information, ideas, and possible creative solutions you haven't thought of

  • 👉 ONE-ON-ONE support and attention

  • 👉 CONFIDENTIALITY as allowed by law

As we exchange emails, you'll start unlocking the bridges to brilliance you already contain!

  • You need someone to look at your writing and cut through the noise.

  • If you're working on a form, you might need a second pair of eyes or help to word things to prevent your enemies or organization from twisting what you're saying and then further using it against you.

  • You need space where it's OK to get everything off your chest and where you can hear yourself think.

  • You might need a little help tweaking your resume.

How it Works

When you sign up, you'll be directed to a page provided by Stripe.

  1. Complete your payment information.

  2. You'll receive the email address to begin your email communications upon payment.

You can email me daily if you like. If you email me multiple times over one or two days, when I respond, I will respond to all of your emails in one email back. It's helpful to keep everything in one email thread if possible, but it is unnecessary.

I will email you back most days. This means sometimes I cannot intermittently email someone for personal, family, or medical issues. There could also be down internet service, interruptions to the email service provider, etc. Otherwise, I usually respond the next day (because I love doing this for people!)

I won't respond to you if you do not write to me. It is up to YOU to keep sending emails so I can respond to you. In those emails, you must provide some conversation or genuine question, or situation for me to respond to. Write me once. Write me 30 times. Write me 100 times. It's OK, but if you don't write, I don't respond.

Abusing the email communication channel will leave you with a canceled membership, no refund, and a block. Don't be a jerk, call me names, send me nudes, become sexual, be disrespectful, etc. While most people won't, a few require this blurb. 🤪

Words of Caution

To go down this path is brave. Feeling sad, angry, upset, stuck, frustrated, and many other things is normal.

You understand that by signing up for Scribbler Support, you agree to the following things:

  • I will listen to you for as long as you remain subscribed.

  • You can cancel whenever you need to. Stripe handles payments, and I'm not involved in billing nor see your financial information or store your data.

  • There are no refunds.

  • You may cancel at any time.

  • You agree you are at least 18 years of age!

  • You can feel like a victim, depending on your situation, but I will not allow you to stay there forever during our conversations. If you're not OK with that, you probably should NOT whip out your card and say, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"

  • I will not always share everything in my life, only the parts that I think can help and in ways I think may help.

  • You may be one of the few who may walk away from our interaction, feeling I did not help you in ways you expected. This is rare, and the risk you take when talking to any stranger. Again, there are NO REFUNDS.

  • You are responsible for keeping your email address up-to-date.

  • I am not responsible for emails getting lost due to network, internet, server, or ISP policy problems (don't let me end up in your junk mail).

Confidentiality by law = As long as you're not hurting yourself or others or are harming children or confessing to previous crimes, or are in the process of committing crimes, I do not have to say anything to anyone. Our communications remain as private as email can be. If I receive a legal subpoena, I must address it, which may include handing over our emails to unknown third parties. That is true for any person or business with whom you may have electronic communications. Because of that, you shouldn't provide sensitive information like your address, date of birth, social security number, or any other piece of critical identification in an email.

This is NOT a crisis service! If you are in crisis or someone’s life, including yours, is in danger, call 9-1-1 or the emergency lines for your area. The Stealthy Scribbler Society and its related content and services are NOT emergency services and CANNOT dispatch medical, legal, or law enforcement. 

You can find the next best steps you need.

They're already within you. You just need a little help unearthing them.

Writing by hand is one of the best tools for humanity to help create and implement change. As a Stealthy Scribbler, you know this.

But sometimes, you need someone to join you on your journey, even if it is just for a short while.

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