Signature Scribbling

Combine guidance, insight, and one-on-one connection with handwritten letters for a custom, private, elite letter-writing experience.

There's nothing like picking up the mail and discovering a handwritten letter addressed directly to you.

A letter written to you by one person who spent 100% of their time focused on just you.

Devoted ongoing attention and genuine human connectedness are becoming rare today.

Turning the envelope over in your fingers, you notice their handwriting, any silly drawings they placed on the envelope, its color, smell, and texture. Child-like happiness and a sense of reserved awe, hope, and anticipation all at once.

You go about your day, but regardless of what's on your plate, you're 100% looking forward to opening the envelope and reading words written just for you and directly to you.

Sitting comfortably, you read, and while you do, you can imagine the other person’s face and imagine the adventure they're describing, or if you're like me, you already know how to help them see things a little differently or help them solve their problem.

Your mind turns over how to respond to the letter with ideas and adventures you want to share.

Writing the response letter is just as satisfying, if not more satisfying, than reading the one you got.

Your writing utensil slides across the page until you're done.

You address an envelope, sometimes two or three, if you made mistakes on the first one.

You peel the stamp and stick it to the envelope.

A feeling of connectedness and satisfaction wash over you.

Sometimes we all need:

  • A trusted human to sit with us, hear us or bounce ideas off of

  • To get a few things off our chest

  • To lift others who are feeling lonelier than us

  • To deliver hope to someone who otherwise might be forgotten

Dedicated, private, handwritten letters do all of these things for us.

And you can take part in it.

Most people can get away with writing to themselves in a journal or notebook.

Others join free or in-expensive pen-pal programs to begin their letter-writing journeys.

But a select few need something just a little more.

They need:

  • A safe place to talk and to be heard, having those words pondered over, absorbed, and understood

  • Someone to mirror back for their understanding

  • Ideas and solutions to help them through the circumstances they might feel are swallowing them whole.

For the bigger, deeper things, do you want to burden a stranger who you just met through an exchange? Some do. Most don't.

Signature Scribbling provides the solution.

Signature Scribbling

Those who sign up for Signature Scribbling get the following:

  • 💎A premiere pen-pal experience for those wanting to experience clarity, guidance, support, and problem-solving through the art of handwritten letters.

  • ☎️ Unlimited, unique, one-on-one, personal handwritten letters between you and me for six months.

  • 🔦 Guidance, insight, clarity, friendship, adventure, and EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, privately

  • 🥾 ADVENTURES in life, living, and conquering new territory

  • 🧶 STORIES that help you unravel mysteries

  • 🐾 Write and receive letters at YOUR PACE

  • 🚿 Safe place for SHOWER THOUGHTS

  • 🥷 CONFIDENTIAL CONNECTION. Your letters are your business. Never shared.

I don't take your trust or the time you spend to write me lightly. 

Your value is beyond comprehension.

Whatever you're dealing with or must navigate next, you do not have to go through it alone.

My Pen-Pal Background

International Friends

I love writing handwritten letters and have been doing so on-and-off for decades.

My first pen-pal was through a school-exchange program where I met someone in Australia. Her dad was a race-car driver.

Within a few years, I ended up with over 16 pen pals. Many were overseas. I had three in Russia alone, before and after communism was in place. It used to take six months to receive a letter round trip.

Once, I received an international marriage proposal (I will never forget it ☺️.) I had to carefully explain my mother disapproved of the arrangement given my age, and after that, I never heard back from the Russian doctor or his twin brother.

I still carry many of my pen-pals’ photos and remember many of their names.

Incarcerated Individuals

Later in life, I would take my ability to discern and receive credentials as a non-denominational chaplain. I felt I needed to start sending letters to the penal institutions.

I wrote 28+ people every month for seven years.

I loved almost every single second of it. Inside the prisons, letters are called "paper gold." While it's true some inmates have harmful intentions in obtaining pen pals, these letters are a natural source of hope for many.

Push came to shove in my personal life, and I ended my letter-writing sprees and gave up the chaplaincy credentials.

Today, although not behind bars, many are in open-air prisons of their own making, some stuck with faulty beliefs and mindsets.

Some are trapped in the prison of loneliness.

Letters provide hope and healing, helping you get to the next step you need.

Words of Caution

This premier letter-writing service is not for everyone.

In fact, to keep the levels of attention where they need to be, I only have limited slots open at any given time and sometimes only twice a year.

This letter-writing service is meant to help you, lift you, and provide you with a private, one-on-one genuine human connection during our time together.

You might find telling me things you don't tell others is tempting.

This is a common occurrence to this day for me, letter writing or not. You might feel strong emotions during our letter-writing time together.

This is OK.

It's OK to be upset, angry, and to even disagree on stances, positions, and politics, but I won't let you stay in a pity party forever.

Sometimes I ask difficult questions.

You're never required to answer them, though. It would help if you did, but we can always talk about something else if you need to. Any ideas or solutions to your problems that you're considering, I am only here to help you sort through them and maybe spot things you didn't see.

You are not required to work out and solve your problems, however.

You can simply use this service as a connection point only. In the past, many did just this.

These letters are your connection point and yours alone.

These are your letters, and they are your business.

They will remain confidential.

Depending on the amount I receive, in the past, I've often destroyed many letters after I've written back to save space and to keep them from possible prying eyes.

If you're uncomfortable with your handwritten letter being destroyed after it's responded to, this may not be the service for you.

This is not a dating service. There is not, nor will there ever be, any romantic involvement. I never budged on this.

You agree that by signing up, there are NO REFUNDS.

Things that result in a canceled service with no refund to you

‼️ Ignore at your peril. ‼️

This service isn't for everyone. Unfortunately, due to occasional bad apples, I have to declare these things so there is no confusion.

I know you don't expect this on a sexy sales page, but safe-letter writing is happy letter writing, right?

Doing any of the following will result in a canceled service without a refund. 

  • Not using your REAL first and last names

  • Any correspondence I receive indicating the address you provided is NOT your address or that you are not allowed to receive mail at that location

  • Any correspondence I receive stating the person receiving the mail did NOT order this service or where further mail is unwanted (consider getting a PO Box or other dedicated mailing address you can reliably receive mail at)

  • Any repeated attempts at romance

  • Any attempts to be violent

  • Being verbally abusive

  • Sending nudes (🥺 Really?)

  • Threats of any kind

How does this work?

When you sign up, you'll see a payment form created by Stripe. Stripe handles all your billing. I don't personally see or store your card number.

In the payment form, it's going to ask you for a required field where you list your complete mailing address. This is the address where you want me to send your letters. Please make sure this is YOUR address.

There is an optional field where you will enter your age, interests, and hobbies.

Once you pay, within five business days, I will send you your first letter.

Make sure you include your address CORRECTLY! TRIPLE CHECK IT before you hit that payment button.

Watch the confirmation page. It contains an email address you can use to send me the correct address if you sent me the wrong one. (I know you’re excited, tired, etc., and mistakes happen.)

After you get your first letter, you've got to write me back. This way I can write you another letter. As soon as I get one from you, within 2-5 business days (I love writing back within 24 hours!) I'll send you one back. This keeps going for six months.

You can end the letter-writing relationship early, but there are no refunds.


Can't I use low-cost pen-pal exchanges and write people for free?

Yes, yes, you can.

And if that's something you want to do, you absolutely should!

More people need to be writing by hand. The Stealthy Scribbler Society Manifesto cites, “Regularly sending handwritten letters to others collectively creates a living heartbeat standing against the evils attempting to wreak havoc.” 

Write by hand for yourself. Scribble just a tiny bit. Leave it alone. Write a lot! Never share it, or DO!

If you want to write letters for free, I promise you, many people in your own family, near or far, would LOVE to start exchanging letters with you.

You should try it! It could be so much fun.

Look, not everyone will race to plunk down their card and say, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY" when I put this out here.

That's OK.

Signature Scribbling is meant for specific individuals seeking one-on-one guidance, emotional support, clarity, and figuring out their next best steps for themselves, tossed in with some genuine confidential connection. There are rules and boundaries in place to stay safe.

Outside of that, I believe EVERYBODY should be writing in one form or another by hand.

There's no possible way I can write the whole world alone.

If this offer is not for you, get out there and write people for free. You'll have some of the most exciting adventures and make a massive difference in your life and theirs. Your handwritten works, scribbles, and good intentions are needed today more than ever. Go for it!

Why only six months?

Six months is how long I find it takes many people to unload, unravel, and find their way, depending on how long or complicated a process is. There are obvious communication delays with mail delivery time, especially if you're overseas.

Six months is enough to get to know each other, work some stuff out, have some serious fun and connection, and then move on if that needs to happen. A person can sign up again as long as slots are available.

If you're looking for one-on-one support, but aren't interested in having a premier letter-writing service, consider Scribbler Support instead.

Can I buy this as a gift for my incarcerated friend?


It's not that I wouldn't love to write people who need that connection, especially if they need to get out of the familiar family and friends echo chamber. Right? Sometimes, that's needed.

I can't do this right now for two reasons:

1. I must have their permission to write them. Writing someone regularly without their permission can be considered spam or harassment, depending on local law.

2. Every penal institution has rules around mail when it’s allowed, how it’s allowed, what paper it can be on, what can be included in letters, and so on.

In this case, while it's not as fun as just "Surprise!!" consent is absolutely necessary. Also, be aware that your friend's cell and block or even institution location can change without notice, causing delays in receiving the mail. This could impact the value you're paying for. Sometimes an inmate is restricted in the ability to receive mail. This can happen for various reasons, but it's been my experience that it happens quickly and can be unexpected.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone I know who is not incarcerated?

No. I must have their permission to write them. Writing someone regularly without their permission can be considered spam or harassment, depending on local law. Also, it is illegal in some jurisdictions to receive mail where you are not authorized to receive mail. In some cases, it could be considered a postal crime. To stay away from this, consent and knowledge are required.

Why No Refunds?

Time is precious. Life is short. Taking the time to provide genuine connection costs one way or another. Life doesn't stop because we love writing by hand or exchanging letters.

Time is involved in processing payments and writing the letters themselves.

By signing up, you agree there are no refunds.

This service is not meant for everyone. 

Only those truly serious about this type of interaction will sign up. They are already committed, and know paying this price is worth every penny.

Come Home via Letters

You're never alone and probably not as far off base as you think when solving your problems.

Your life may be changing, or maybe it needs to change, or maybe you need someone to connect to.

I invite you to a warm, fun, trusted, one-on-one, genuinely connected letter-writing experience.

Won't you come home through the art of handwritten letters?

I'm waiting for you.

Join Now. Slots Available!

$899.00 / 6 months